Sunrise Academy English Boarding School is located in Nepal's Dolakha district, Baiteshwor Municipality-2, Mirge which is about 157 km away from Kathmandu Bus Station.
Dolakha is a region in the North-East of the Kathmandu valley and is known for its hilly and beautiful scenery.


Sunrise Academy English Boarding School, a community based English Medium School, was founded in 1998 by educated and social activists with the intention to provide the poor villagers’ children with a quality education.
The school offers a broad and comprehensive educational program that was designed to meet the needs of its bright and diverse student body.

Sunrise School graduates are well prepared to meet the academic standards of higher education after successfully completing this challenging and comprehensive academic program. Currently, classes are run from Nursery level up to Grade 10. Most of the students of Sunrise come from poor villagers farmers an indigenous and Dalit background (Low Castes), as the school is situated in an indigenous community.


Aim and Objectives

The primary purpose of Sunrise is to provide the poor village children of the area with a sound and practical education based on an all-round development of 'mind', 'body' and 'spirit'. It is Sunrise's mission statement that dedicated teachers, helpful guardians, a wholesome teaching environment and laborious students are the key for quality education - rather than having to pay a maximum fee and employing only highly qualified teachers. The school also strives to produce and has been producing outstanding students since its establishment.

Sunrise believes in preparing students intellectually, ethnically, physically and socially to live purposeful and enriched lives in a challenging world that is characterized by rapidly advancing technology. It strongly works to convey its students the sense to live in togetherness rather than just for one's own; together with the feeling that co-operation is power. In order to carry our feeling of "Co-operation is Power" into effect, we would like to merge the teaching style of Nepal, i.e the Talk and Chalk method (the teacher is writing on the blackboard while the students are just listening) with the more interactive worldwide methods of teaching and learning by welcoming many volunteers of different countries, such as Germany, America and others, into our school.

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