Our Projects

We have made it our goal to bring about a change in the poor living conditions of the local people by realising various project ideas that are aimed at increasing the quality of life in the Dolakha region.

As financial support is the crucial point in realising these projects, we are always looking for individuals, Groups of friends ,companies and organisations that are interested in supporting us and our efforts by means of financial aid.

Single donations will be used to help improve the infrastructure of the school: on the very top of our priority list stands the construction of a school building , followed by an improvement of the school toilet , the fencing of the school grounds, and the building of dormitories for our orphan students.

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Furthermore, monthly donations are another way of supporting the student body at Sunrise Academy. A monthly scholarshipserves to support the poorest families financially, and helps them to pay tuition, exam fees. We are also currently planning on introducing regular health checks by a local doctor and the distribution of fruit, vegetables and porridge in order to provide a healthier nutrition with the help of these donations.

Our place is himayan area so here is cold in winter so we are welcome to warm clothes provider 

For more information on our projects, please have a look at the separate links in the foldout menu. Thank you for your interest!